The Bavaro-Campagnale family is well verse in the History of Ornaments, Gilding, Patina developments, History of Frames; Connoisseurs of the Styles developed in different Countries, Periods, Designers/Artists, and even the most obscured and subtle differences from Village to Village in European frame design. The studio is able to recreate, based on its knowledge, the best hand-crafted frames produced today in America. Four generations across Three continents proves it.


RestorationWe also restore and re-gild period picture frames. Estimates can be given by providing us with photographs of the work in question or by sending the actual work to our studio. Impeccable restoration and gilding is an integral part of what we do at Quebracho, we restore a frame’s finish, always respecting the original look, and our goal is to try to preserve the original gilding and patina as much as possible.

Traditional techniques are used exclusively. We immerse ourselves in it, and are well-versed in its lessons; we respect what it offers us and use wisely what we glean. Please call us for an appointment. It will be our pleasure to take you on a tour of our studio to demonstrate the ancient craft we perform with great pride, passion and love. With deep reverence, we, at Quebracho celebrate the masters who, for centuries, gave us magnificent hand crafted and gilded frames.

You could also send pictures via E-Mail for us to study and estimate, accurate estimates are only given when we analyze the frame in person, we do house calls in New York City. 


ResearchThe scholars at QUEBRACHO would make an in-depth study of the proper period frame, investigating the artist’s likings, the architectural influence, and or the consequence of ornaments, gilding, patina, and the influence of the profile shape over the painting, after making an informed decision, we would either search for a historical frame, or sketch out the making of a reproduction.

The good thing about having a period frame is that of the aging factor that mellows ornament shape and finish, but the chances are often unreal to find the right frame, the right size and or the right proportions, so we could help on resizing the frame with minimal invasive procedures, protecting the historical aspect of it. Not to be negative, even with this ingredient the chances of a period frame are scarce, so a sensitive reproduction respecting historical construction, ornamentation and gilding techniques is essential, and unlike a period frame, the manipulation to better serve the needs of the art, by applying the proper profile, ornament, and the desired bolo and leaf is what creates new history in the making.

The decision has to be made by you, we could help with everything else, and we guarantee pride around your art. Please contact us

Marcelo is a fourth generation frame maker and gilder, with a long record of experience in Design and History, currently providing seminars for NYU (appraisal program), as well as F.I.T., Prat and Parsons. He provides consultation services to the industry manufacturers and galleries, Auction Houses, Museums and National and International Collectors


Engineering & CarpentryQuebracho’s experts are set to provide Galleries, Artists, Museums and Collectors with the engineering and or execution of the carpentry for indoors and outdoors art installation, and Sculptures’ bases.


Quebracho provides Galleries, Museums Collectors and Artists with an expert Conservation ambulatory fitting. This is a decisive innovation for priceless works of art, Historical and sentimental treasures.