Gilded Wood Connoisseurs and Fine Frame Markers


As you enter Quebracho, breathe in the temple like atmosphere, and become a part of the magic. It is a holy place where our dream lives, with god forever watchful; we perform our ancient craft as a tribute to nature. He allows us to lay a ray of sun over the wood each day, it is here that the flesh of the tree gives up its life force and devotes itself to perpetual beauty. Our doorway widens to welcome friends, but we entreat you; speak in hushed tones, as befits this reverent place, bring in spiritual peace and be open to the miracle of beauty.

We thank you for your courtesy toward our dream and our beloved tree, in return, we vow never to desecrate the sacred wood, and only to use it when we are certain we can convert it into a work of eternal grace, we make this promise in respect of our lord who resides under this roof and allows us to dedicate ourselves to the ancient craft of hand carving and gilding.

Quebracho Video

Inside Quebracho [video]