Frame Hand-Crafting ToolsWhile the firm of Quebracho – specializing in fine art framing & gilding – was established in New York as recently as 1994, it unites two families of craftsmen whose heritage extends for more than a century and across three continents.

The first line of these artisans begins in 19th-century Italy with Vitorio Bavaro, an acclaimed master carpenter in Vitondo. In 1907, Vitorio’s son Giuseppe and his family emigrated to Argentina. Giuseppe, now known as José, was an exacting craftsman whose business in Buenos Aires focused on gilding and repairing, preserving and protecting precious heirlooms and antiques.

The firm of Bavaro & Bavaro acquired increasing renown and an extensive and loyal clientele, and the family’s craft was brought to America in 1972 by José Bavaro’s son, Miguel. Ten years later, Miguel’s son, Marcelo, joined him as a partner in Art World, Ltd., their framing gallery in Forest Hills, New York. In 1990, these third- and fourth- generation woodcarvers were joined by a member of a second renowned line of craftsmen, Angel Campagnale, himself a fourth-generation woodcarver of meticulous perfectionism from Isernia, Italy. In 1994 these three artisans, representing 200 years of wood-working craftsmanship, founded a new business, Quebracho.

The name Quebracho was chosen in tribute to the tree indigenous to Argentina, one of whose varieties is considered the hardest wood in the world, with a strength and durability surpassing iron. The firm now creates distinguished frames for museums, galleries, and individuals all across the world.


Quebracho Tree WoodWhat’s Quebracho in the name?
The Mexicans descend from the Aztecs, the Peruvians from
the Incas, and the Argentineans
descend from the ships.”

And so it is with the Bavaro/Campagnale family. Our heritage is Italian, but in mind-set heart, and way of life, we are Argentineans”. We are living proof that there is nothing more Argentinean than not being Argentinean”. The Quebracho tree is also as Argentinean as it can be. It is strong, beautiful and as varied as the people that live there, it is as indigenous to the country as the pampas and the gaucho. Its many species and variety spice and gives color to life: Quebracho Blanco(white), Quebracho lloron (weeping), and Quebracho Colorado, that its dark red color can be compared to rich red wine. Colorado is considered the hardest wood in the world. Underground, a piece of Quebracho wood will surpass the strength and life of a piece of iron.

Quebracho’s blood is applied to fabric as a dye, because of its great tinting properties. It is also used in the pharmaceutical industry for its chemical bonanzas. Its wood is used around the world for train rails. For an “asado” (Argentinean barbecue) it takes the place of charcoal, and is so dense that it takes days to burn and produce ashes. Its strength increases under water, it is impenetrable, unique, it is our inspiration. Quebracho’s extraordinary qualities exemplify it’s almost sacredness.

We have chosen it as the name and symbol of our studio for many reasons:
- Producing frames that surround your treasure art is sacred trust.
- Quebracho synonymous with Argentina, and so are we.
- Quebracho wood and our frames are incomparable in workmanship, design, and quality.

(Unfortunately, we can not use Quebracho wood because it is to dense to carve, it is only our symbol and inspiration) Our desire is to create beauty that will stand the test of time, just as Quebracho wood endures is special, and is a joy to be hold, our hand carve gilded frames will enhance your priceless artwork for years to come.


Frame Hand-Crafting PaintQuebracho is a studio for connoisseurs, who love and appreciate art, its history and the great painters of yesterday, but the art doesn’t stop there, many of these masters bequeathed us the exquisite frames that surround their paintings. We are dedicated to keeping alive that eloquent spirit that still shines through their works. Every one of our artisans is devoted to re-creating historical frames, to offer you the appropriate design for your treasured paintings. We adhere strictly to the highest standards of execution, so much so, that we raise it to an art form in itself, before one expert stroke of the carver’s tool is made; we effectuate the necessary research and development. We can re-create a lost frame or create a new one based on historical information. At the other end of the spectrum, we can design and create a frame for a contemporary painting. Our designs are based on the shapes and forms that we are so familiar with in the 20th century.


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